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ZORRAM A2000 Zorro II Memory Expansion


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ZORRAM A2000 8MB Zorro II memory expansion for Commodore-Amiga 2000 and 1500.
  Adds 8MB Fast Memory to your Amiga 2000
  Jumpers to select 0MB (OFF), 4MB, 5.5MB or 8MB
  Auto-Config- no software needed
  Compatible with all Amiga 2000 motherboard revisions
The 5.5MB mode consistents of the combination of 4MB Fast and 1.5MB Ranger memory. This is especially useful for compatibility with other Zorro cards such as bridgeboards.
Installation is straight forward. The ZORRAM card will push into any free Zorro II slot. No software drivers are required and the memory will simply appear as Other Memory in Workbench.
Copyright © 2019 AmigaKit Ltd. ZORRAM and A2000 are trade marks of AmigaKit Ltd in the United Kingdom and/or other countries.
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Upon ordering this product is carefully assembled and tested by our in-house Technician to our high quality standards. Some products may need configuring or flashing with the latest firmware. Click here to learn more..