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Dust Covers for Commodore Amiga

Keep your keyboard free of dust with our range of A500™, A600™ and A1200™ logo branded dust covers for your Commodore-Amiga 500, 500 Plus, 600 and 1200 computer. They can also help protect the case plastics from fading or yellowing caused by direct sunlight. Styled to match our branded range of mouse mats

Hints and Tips

Ultra Violet in sunshine reacts with the plastic that Commodore used to mould the Amiga cases. After time being exposed to sunshine, the Amiga's case can turn from it's customary off-white to a beige or even a strong yellow colour.

The best option is to keep the Amiga out of direct sunshine. If it is on a desk adjacent to a window, consider relocating it.

Keep the Amiga covered when not in use. Our range of dust covers offer levels of protection against Ultra Violet rays, dust and dirt. A great way of preserving the case for many years.